WordPress workshop

29/11/2021 – The course has been terminated.

1 Description

This workshop helps you to learn how to create and manage websites with WordPress CMS. Throughout the workshop you will build your own personal webpage with a blog, build a business page and a product catalogue / e-commerce website.

At the beginning you learn about websites and how it works when you enter www.wordpress.org in the URL address bar. You find out what a domain is, hosting is and how to set up an environment in your own computer to build and test websites.

You learn about types of websites which can be built with WordPress.

It introduces you what WordPress is, how to set up a webpage. What a page, post, theme and plugins are and how to enhance functionality of the WordPress site.

It gives you an overview about free and paid premium themes plugin and a process how to pick the right theme and right plugins.

In the last part of the workshop, you learn about how to buy a hosting and a domain, how to connect your website with Google Analytics and how to use SEO so that Internet users can find your website. HTML and CSS will be explained to you and how to use them to make custom adjustment to websites.

The workshop is project-based. It means than you learn everything above on real-life websites (blog, business page and ecommerce website).

You get a homework each week to practice.

The workshop is supplemented with a textbook.

2 Organization and duration

Start date: 28th October 2021 (Week 43),

End date: 23rd March 2022 (Week 12),

Number of classes: 18× 90 minutes,

Number of students in a classroom: 8,

Holiday gap: 20th December 2021 until 14th January 2022,

Beginning after Christmas: 17th January 2022 (Week 3)

The course takes place on :

  1. Early class – Thursday from 17:00 till 18:30. See the timetable for the exact time of each class.
  2. Late class – Thursday from 19:45 till 21:15. See the timetable for the exact time of each class.

3 Requirements

  1. Speak basic English so that you can receive instructions (A2-B1 level minimum).
  2. Know how to use a computer.
  3. Have you own laptop (If you don’t have a computer write to me, we have four computers which can be lent to students.)

4 Rules of attendance

The class starts at 17:00 or 19:45 exactly. Come 10 minutes earlier to be prepared.